What is Lann?

What is Lann?

The Lann project is designed to be a fully featured LAN party management system. This means you will be able to track user registrations and payments, manage competitions and clans and monitor the game servers at the LAN.

But wait, there's more! The best part is the client interface. The client application lists the games that everyone else is playing (providing they are also running the client). If the game is multiplayer, then server information will also be displayed. A server broswer is also supplied listing servers, and information on them, that the administrators have manually added to the list, servers that have been detected on the network and servers manually added by the user. Users will also be able to register for competitions through the client and create a 'clan' if the competition is team based.

Other features include Instant Messaging between users and the automatic creation of a chatroom upon the creation of a new 'clan'.

How does it work? Lann requires that each user at an event runs the Lann client application. This connects to the Lann server set up by the event administrators. Each client reports back the status of the user and any games they may be playing. The server then distributes this information out to each client for all to see.

If you require more information, have a feature request or would like to help with this project, please contact threepineapples through the SourceForge site.

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